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PartyLite has been amazing for myself and my young family!!

The products are of really high quality but it is the people at PartyLite that really make a difference I have received so much support not only from my leader and other consultants but Head Office are amazing too, the Recognition is Great. They treat everyone equal!!!
I am so proud to be apart of not only a great company but some many beautiful consultants I have meet along the way.

I truly love showcasing our products at In-Home Parties and meeting New People.
I Love the look on My Hosts face when I tell them how much they have in sales credit to spend on themselves..

Best part is you can work the Hours you want to work and earn a great income from selling a Product you Love....

Whatever your interest in PartyLite: Buying Products, having a party or joining us - simply click on the 'contact me' link below and I'll be in touch with you soon!

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Upcoming Events:

Incentive Trip: I am working towards my first Incentive Trip.

Regional Meeting: Sunday 10th February 

2019 Seminar: 26th July - 27th July. Just booked my Tickets Super Excited

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Friday 25th AM
Saturday 26th AM or PM
Sunday 27th AM or PM
Monday 28th PM
Tuesday 29th PM
Wednesday 30th PM
Thursday 31st PM

Available Dates February:

Friday 1st AM or PM
Saturday 2nd AM
Sunday 3rd PM
Thursday 7th PM
Friday 8th AM or PM
Sunday 10th PM
Thursday 14th PM
Friday 15th AM or PM
Saturday 16th AM or PM
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Thursday 28th PM

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