What is direct selling?
Direct Selling
Success Starts with Relationships.

Through our direct selling method, a Consultant is welcomed into a home for a Party, where she or he is treated like a new friend with exciting things to share. And this relaxed and friendly atmosphere is exactly why so many Consultants love PartyLite: their work always feels much more like a fun get-together with new friends rather than a “sales event.” Plus, Consultants offer exclusive discounts and rewards that Hosts and Guests appreciate and love. And, of course, because PartyLite is so dedicated to making sure each Consultant has all the tools she or he needs for success, we offer extensive training in person and online.

We Follow a Strict Code of Ethics. At PartyLite we believe that direct selling is about more than making money. It’s about a steadfast commitment to ethical business practices and customer service. That’s why we follow the globally respected Direct Selling Australia's Code of Ethics.

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